Book Reviews can be a validation to future readers of whether a certain novel is worth investing time and money in. Truly, when millions of literary works are available, book reviews cut to the chase and help to dwindle down the choices for readers. That’s why you want to write a review that offers the best representation of a certain book as well as the author. When writing a review, there are three things you may want to include to assure your potential readers are properly informed and anxious to read the book you are reviewing.

The first thing is to hook your readers. If the fish don’t bite, you won’t have any catches. We live in a world where we are bombarded with so much reading material, that many people only take the time to read what catches their eye, like a shiny fishing lure. You are going to have to work hard to compete with the over-saturated market to get someone to read your review. Additionally, if a book review isn’t worth reading, it might reflect that the book in which the review is about is equally unprofitable. So, how do you hook a reader? With powerful and captivating words that motivate someone to action. You want to use words that literally grab a reader’s attention and catch their interest; words that cause someone to abandon their busy schedule and look twice. Which book review would you want to read? One that begins with, “This book was a good read because it had exciting moments in it.” or “Engage in this exciting novel and you will discover the thrill of your life!”

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