e like hearing about new books and what others think of them.

You’ve probably seen book reviews published in your local newspaper or in your favorite magazines. You may even have seen them on T.V. during news or talk shows.

Those are all good places to have your book reviewed, of course. But newspaper columnists, magazine writers and television hosts simply don’t have time to review every book that comes their way. And as popular as they are, their audience may not be the ideal audience for your book.

If you want to reach a lot of people with your book very quickly, try having your book reviewed on blogs that are popular with your target market.

Why Ask Bloggers to Review Your Book?

Bloggers and often overlooked but powerful social influencers. Well known bloggers have thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of loyal followers who read their posts daily. They then share those posts with their friends and on social media sites.

Lesser-known, tightly niched bloggers are influential too. If you can find a blog that’s not as popular, but that is highly relevant to your topic, it is worth asking if the blogger will review your book.

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